John L. Smith Divorce

As a result of an anonymous tip (with pictures) I first reported this information on August 5, 2010 about problems in John L Smith’s marriage with wife Patricia Goldberg Smith.

On August 5th 2010 I received information that I declined to print. It included alleged stories of excessive drinking and womanizing. I am a legitimate blogger with rights, I chose the high road and declined to accept  the pictures. They had been taken at and in the parking lot of the Coffee Pub  off of Sahara Ave in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Out of an abundance of caution, I declined to accept or publish the candid photos. As I could not verify the origin or authenticity of the pictures. I also could not confirm the identity of the female in the pictures.

Now, after two years of sitting on this information, it looks as though the information may have had some validity after all.

John Lyle Smith and his wife Patricia Goldberg Smith  (also know as Pamela Goldberg) filed a divorce proceeding on 4-29-2011.

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