John L. Smith and the True Survivor, Ricardo Bonivcin:
Steven Barket’s Response

John L Smith September 2010 MUG SHOT

Dear Mr. Smith:

You’ve been writing about me for more than three years now, and you never stop being a source of fun and entertainment in my life. I would like to coin a new phrase for your style of writing – WUI: Writing Under the Influence! (Not to be confused, Mr. Smith, with your recent DUI arrest.)

The influence I speak of this time is not alcohol-related, but that of the good-old-boy network, right here in Las Vegas: Tom Dillard, Tom Pitaro, etc. I would think that after all the years of your reporting, you could at least once write the story accurately. Regarding the FBI’s 302 (report of interviews) forms that you speak of – did you read them or just glance at them? Do you think Bonvicin gave money to my ex-wife out of the goodness of his heart? Or was he trying to buy her testimony?

As for my websites, it’s the only way I can deliver my side of the story. I tried to talk to you once and realized you only wanted to beat me up more; the truth in your life is an after-the-fact thing.  In my website about you, I deal in facts: court records showing DUI, LIBEL, BANKRUPTCY, etc.

My favorite day was when I woke up to your DUI arrest, then read about your bankruptcy and libel suits. That was more amusing than the stories you put in print about me.

Good luck with your DUI, and I look forward to seeing YOU in court as the defendant.  As for the estranged wife, we can all learn from that – even you!

The next time you speak to Bonvicin, the true survivor, ask him about Maha Messoud!!! Somehow, I’m sure that part of the story won’t end up in the LVRJ.

Have a nice day,

Steve Barket

P.S. – Check your spelling. Be has only one “E” not two. (Don’t take that too hard, though, I can’t spell either!)

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