Catching Up With John. L. Smith (My Favorite DUI Guy)

John L. Smith — books for less than $10 each.

It’s been a while, so I thought we should catch up with the latest regarding the focus of this website: John L. Smith, The Untruthful Reporter.

He’s still writing for the Nevada Independent. Birds of a feather, there. And he’s still writing for here, there and everywhere, scratching out work where he can get it.

His most recent write up for the Nevada Independent was headline, “Gov. Lombardo turns heads with appointment of Assad to GCB” (that’s the Gaming Control Board), published over a week ago. His lead paragraph is:

“Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo has begun making his first appointments to the state’s many boards and commissions, and this past week’s announcement of George Assad to the Gaming Control Board has drawn more than the usual number of furrowed brows and lines of newsprint.”

Well, that’s pretty squishy: “more than the usual number of furrowed brows and lines of newsprint.” Ok. You start out with “turned heads” and go on to “furrowed brows.” Another well-known tactic among current press people. Just make up stuff that can’t be verified. Whose heads are turning? How many? How many furrowed brows? And whose are they? And exactly how many lines of news print can be categorized as “more than the usual number? And where do they appear? Just drivel, in my opinion. Again, vague generalities that I guess John L. Smith and/or his Nevada Independent publisher, Jon Ralston, want to be stuck on Assad. Oldest trick in the books these days. Ah, well, I guess JLS will never learn. That’s why I call him “the untruthful reporter.” Never “just the facts, ma’am.” Always colored by his woefully skewed opinion — in my opinion.

John L. Smith’s Linkedin profile (no photo) shows him being a “journalist, author, freelance writer”.

He’s also writing for the CDC Gaming Reports website.

Still tweeting away, too (@jlnevadasmith).

Isn’t he about ready for retirement yet? Or did his bankruptcy at the hands of the late Sheldon Adelson, purchaser of the newspaper where JLS worked previously — the Las Vegas Review-Journal — put a big gouge in his financial solvency that he will never retire? There’s always his relatively new wife, Sally Denton, he could lean on. We hear she has a bit of a bank account.

He’s never going to make it off the sales of his books. After seeing the sales prices (see above — many of which can be had for less than $10) does “freelance” mean this guy actually works for free? (LOL!!)

Anyway, please take time to scroll down to see the reason I’m continuing to publish this website. John L. Smith has quite a history — and not all positive, in my opinion.

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