Steven Barket Las Vegas, NV; Why do I Publish This Blog?

John L Smith has written several untruthful articles in the Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ) about me.

This blog is my side of the story.

John L Smith looks like a long-time, up-and-up, successful columnist. But after a little digging and a few leads coming from comments posted by my readers, a whole different story emerges.

John L Smith has been sued for libel and as a result had to run to bankruptcy court for protection. Driving dunk – is that OK in anybody’s book?

John L Smith’s many articles have been damaging to my reputation. Anyone who reads what John L Smith writes should look through the posts on my website to get the complete picture.

John L Smith has another agenda, that of supporting the Las Vegas good-old-boy network.

At the end of the day, facts are facts: John L Smith is a libelous, bankrupt and disingenuous person with his own personal agenda. I’m now labeling him as the New Las Vegas DUI guy!

What follows, what is published in this blog, is my opinion and is based on court records – not innuendo.


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