John L. Smith, Patricia A. Smith (Goldberg) Hit the Trifecta;
For Three Years in a Row, LIENS Have Been Filed …

Nothing shocks me about the bankrupt, libelous, DUI guy of Las Vegas – John L. Smith.

John Lyle Smith is the voice of the Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ), the Las Vegas good-old-boys, Tom Dillard and all the rest. Smith is a funny guy from time to time. And this time it’s my turn to laugh out loud.

You would think that Smith would learn to pay his TRASH BILL (Republic Services) on time. Three years in a row – 2008, 2009 and 2010 – a lien was filed against John L. Smith and wife Patrice A. Smith (Goldberg).

Before I go any further, who can John L. Smith possibly blame for this misfortune? One thing for sure, it is not his fault (and as we know, with him nothing ever is). Perhaps it was his allegedly cashed-strapped wife, or maybe it was because he had to put too much money into his IRA. I hope to find the answers one day. For now, here is what’s alleged in the Clark County records:

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