John Lyle Smith a suggestion from Steve Barket !

The first time I had ever noticed John L Smith, I was sitting on the witness stand in federal court. Smith had on a bow tie and reeked of arrogance. How did Smith end up in this courtroom?

Tom Dillard of course – I have been told by numerous people that Tom Dillard has John L. Smith’s cell number on  speed dial. I have even been told that Dillard brags about his “media” contacts.

Since I have been following John L. Smith and published this blog, Smith has made it easy to find things to write about him. A short list of the highlights:

  1. $15,000,000.00 Bankruptcy (he stiffed a lot of the doctors for medical bills after filling his IRA with over $200,000.00 dollars).
  2. Libel suits, Wynn, Adelson and others (one the many reasons for his bankruptcy)
  3. DUI Arrest, No contest Plea 2-24-2011
  4. Divorce proceedings 4-29-2011, not going well for  John L. Smith Motion for order to show cause (stick to the agreed order John)

My advice to one of my favorite Las Vegas Buffoons, perhaps you should  get  E & A insurance ? 

Ego and Arrogance Insurance !

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