LVRJ’s John L Smith… Has to pay up by July 28th 2012, after ex-wife hauls him back to court !!

John L. Smith the award winning journalist, libel, bankrupt and DUI guy has to keep his word to the court and ex-wife.

After watching the court video from June 13th 2012 it was clear that John L. Smith thinks that it is more important to use his 401K to pay for his home on Mt. Charleston then it was to use those funds to pay his child’s medical bills in his past bankruptcy.

Smith seems to have retained  a lot of real-estate after his bankruptcy, two lots in Sandy Valley, one in Goldfield and his home on Mt. Charleston. According to court records Smiths 401K grew at least 50k since his last bankruptcy and his attorney said in court that he may use a combination of  “refinance and his 401k” to payoff his ex wife.

Wow John L. Smith will shave his head to help others but wont dip into his own 401K to pay for his child’s medical bills. The same 401K that he had access to in 2007 had  $205,850.00 according to his schedule C. now that has grown to over 250K. Instead of stiffing the doctors and other medical service’s Smith could have paid back at least some of his medical debt. My opinion John L. Smith is a deadbeat, who worked the system over.



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