You Just Can’t Keep Bad Karma Down

Just like a good man, seems like you can’t keep karma down.

Karma comes in two kinds, good and bad. Wikipedia has a good summary about karma, and calls it “principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.”

So good karma naturally follows you, just as bad karma can. Now karma, as it relates to our friend, John L. Smith, subject of this blog site, hasn’t been too good to him lately. We’ve heard from someone who alleges to be his former girlfriend; she’s given some detail and knows about his personal life pretty well and seems to be a reliable witness to his daily life and activities. This former girl friend has sent a couple of emails to me about the Las Vegas Review Journal columnist that definitely follow the “karma’s a bitch” school of thought.

I’ll quote ex-girlfriend, who wrote in one of her emails that John L. Smith is “an unscrupulous liar and cheat and one day will get all the payback he deserves.”

Wow. The ex went on to say that our columnist would complain about this blog and what I’ve been writing about him – the truth that I’ve been uncovering and exposing. Guess it makes him a tad uncomfortable to reveal some of the details that I have within this blog. There’s some juicy stuff in here. The ex-girlfriend also said, as I have been for quite a while, that Smith is NOT the man of the year he seems to be purporting to be – you know, all-around great guy and buttoned-up reporter.

Well, it didn’t take long for that karma to come find our columnist. According to the ex-girlfriend, Smith has found a new girlfriend (apparently a source of friction with the old girlfriend … go figure) and allegedly had her move into his Mt. Charleston house. This was after the new girlfriend got kicked out of her house in Santa Fe, New Mexico, by her husband. Guess he didn’t like her foolin’ around with Smith (again, go figure!).

And not too long ago, the ex-girlfriend reports that during a visit to this new girlfriend’s mother’s house in Boulder City, Come to find out that Smith broke his leg, Rachel alleges … in several places.

So in John L. Smith’s case, seems that just like a bad man, you can’t keep karma down. “Stuff” happens, right? And in John L. Smith’s case, that bad karma may be continuing to evolve. Let’s see how that plays out in the coming months.

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