New LVRJ Owners Aware of John L. Smith’s Checkered Past?

Well this is an interesting item:
Las Vegas Review-Journal parent company sold

Hmmm … I’m wondering if the CEO of New Media Investment Group Inc. knows about the shenanigans one of his “award-winning” and supposed top columnists, John L. Smith, has been up to?

The new group running the LVRJ and other newspapers around the country professes to have, to quote the AP story linked above, “… a strong community focus, solid readership base and stable advertisers …”.

If, Mr. Michael E. Reed, CEO of the group, you profess to have a strong community focus and stable advertisers, how do you justify hanging onto a guy like John L. Smith at the LVRJ? Have you had a look at the factual information brought to light about John L. Smith? Have you had a chance to check out all the documentation on this website about the $15 million libel suit brought against him, the DUI, the bankruptcy, and other various and sundry items?

Are you looking to take any sort of “realignment” measures (which always seems to happen in the aftermath of transactions like this) that might involve a certain LVRJ columnist known as John L. Smith? Who I’ve publicly branded as my DUI Guy?

How can you look past the moral turpitude quotient of a guy like this?

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