John L Smith, Here’s Steve Barket’s Wish:
That You Can Always Keep Your Job at the LVRJ! … LOL!

Dear John,

I hope you can always keep your job at the Las Vegas Review Journal (LVRJ).

I could only imagine how your resumé might read should you need to look for something new. Perhaps something like this:

John Lyle Smith,

More than 26 years on the job; had to file bankruptcy only once for libel. It’s because Sheldon Adelson and Stephen Wynn did not like my books.  Who do those guys think they are, anyway?!? Don’t forget: I am an award-wining  journalist!

My bankruptcy was just a little over $15,600,000.00 dollars. That’s $15.6 million. It’s just a number, but who’s counting, anyway?

Only one arrest for DUI – I got off with a slap on the wrist (got the same lawyer as that Maloof  guy … that’s way cool). Pleaded no contest, that’s got to be better than a straight-up conviction.

If you must know, I was in my favorite Nevada town of Pahrump at another awards banquet. If you ever get the chance to check out Pahrump, I have never been, but I’ve been told they have great brothels.

Sometimes I mix a little truth into my stories. Remember, I only had to file bankruptcy once for libel. It wasn’t that big of a deal at my last job. So when considering me for a new position, I hope you to can overlook it like the LVRJ did.

So don’t let my past be a deal-breaker. I can always move to Pahrump!

Yours Truly,

John L. Smith
The Bankrupt, Libelous, DUI Guy of Las Vegas

PS: Always thinking of you. Have a nice day!

Steve Barket

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